West Valley Virtual Academy (WVVA)

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West Valley Virtual Academy FAQ

No, your student will be withdrawn from their home school and enrolled in WVVA, which is a separate school within WVSD. If the student wishes to re-enroll at their previous West Valley school, they will need to re-enroll the following school year. This won’t automatically be done for the student.

No. The only time the student can switch back and re-enroll in the brick and mortar school is at the end of the semester or the beginning of the following school year.


We partner with Greenways Academy in Missouri who uses a variety of curriculum. Demos are available on their website at greenwaysacademy.com.

Yes, however students need to spend at least 5 hours a week on each course.

Technically, no. Although, we have several home school families that enroll in our program to supplement their educational needs. WVVA is a public school within West Valley School District. Your high school student will receive the same transcript as they would if they attended the brick and mortar school. However, it will state they attended WVVA.

Yes, all WVVA teacher are WA State certified. They will have 24 business hours to return emails and answer questions.

The amount of online courses a student can take at one time is 5. Keep in mind, a high school student needs 6 - 3 credit courses a semester to stay on track for graduation. The high school student will need to finish one of their 5 courses early to get the 6th course started and finished by the end of the semester.

Yes. The end of April is the cut off to add more courses because courses need to be finished by the end of the school year.