Station Rotation at Ahtanum Valley Elementary is Proving to be an Effective Teaching Practice

Mar 31, 2022

Students don’t learn at the same pace or in the same way. Station rotations allow for students to take ownership of their learning. It also allows them to have differentiated instruction and supports scaffolds built in to their small groups. Teachers get to provide targeted and close teaching to their small groups. Some students need extra explaining, but some kids are ready to be pushed.

Many classes at Ahtanum are using stations and/or station rotations to accelerate students learning. Many classes are seeing great growth results on the iReady and Imagine Learning assessments as they have been using this effective teaching practice. Mrs. DiAntonio (First Grade) is using a fun and engaging technology (BeeBot) to help some students in her class understand how to read a clock. There are small groups and partnerships throughout the room engaging in games, practice assessments or online learning.

Principle Nick Hartman says, “It takes a TON of work by our teachers to prepare multiple lessons at a time, train students on how to behave independently, and build scaffolds for their students – but they’re worth it!!”