Ahtanum Valley’s Amazing PTA Parents

Sep 8, 2023

It’s amazing to watch our PTA parents in action! They’re selfless, they’re committed to kids, and they’re tireless workers!

Like many schools in West Valley, Ahtanum Valley is blessed with an AMAZING group of parents that make up our Parent-Teacher Association (PTA). We are so grateful for the many hours and the much sweat put-in by these dedicated parents.

PTA parents provide so many amazing things for our students including our Back-to-School BBQ, Halloween Carnival, Holiday Store, movie nights, popcorn Fridays, Color Runs, Fundraising Events, Field Day, Awesome Assemblies, field trips, staff appreciation, and SO many more things.

Their efforts often times don’t come with any accolades or praise…in fact many times they’re working away in some quiet room or hallway. However we notice them, we appreciate them, and, our staff and students LOVE them!

Our school has been so blessed by the work they’ve done and we wanted to start the year by expressing our sincere GRATITUDE to these amazing people!